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Live online roulette is a game that guarantees success without skills. Each rotation of the wheel is different from previous ones and later. Even a veteran live roulette player will not be able to predict what lies in store when the wheel is set spinning. No amount of mathematical calculations reveal the mysterious nature of the outcome of live roulette, although over the years many have tried. However, the players have come up with some tips that may help. These tips will only help the player to make a wise decision for the bet. You will come across many online strategies, many of which are trying to charge for payments to access the information. You can keep looking and eventually you will find a few, but you have to drain and use the ones that are really successful.


The game is played between the Player and Banker, each can bet the desired digit (within a maximum amount determined by the casino, also the maximum bet can be 10 times the minimum, but also 50 times, as in and Greece, or even more.) on one or more boxes, the boxes are 7 in total, has the right to play those who bet on the box and between several punters who made the bet more. The Dealer turns over a card at a time, placing them in a clockwise direction on the boxes on which we are betting and including his own, in this case the paper will be covered at this point starts another round in which each player asks if you want to have a 'Other paper, in fact the purpose of the game is to add the score card and get to 21, you can accept ("hit me" or "card") or reject ("stand"), in the case where the Player more than 21 points and then it will bust ("bust") and his episode will be in the hands of the Bank.