Online Blackjack Game

If there are still players in the game at the end of lap times, tap the Tour evaluate their cards, in fact: if it has up to 16 points is forced to take another card, if it has more than 17 points may be, after which compares points Players and, with respect to its own, is obliged to confiscate the episodes of those who have less points, those who have made the same points with Blanco skip the next round, while those who have made the most points is paid by the Bank in the case where the Banker has busted all bets are paid.

It realizes the Black Jack in the case where a player achieves 21 points with just two cards and the win will be worth one and a half the bet, in the case in which this takes place simultaneously with the Tour the bet will remain frozen. The strategy of play of each player is to assess what are the chances of exit of the cards, there have been several studies regarding, for this we need a remarkable memory that allows the player to remember the cards previously outputs and predict remaining, in fact decks of cards in the game are mixed only at 'beginning of the game.

The chips blackjack Sistine different versions of the game from the number of card decks used: generally in Europe are 6 or 4, in Las Vegas is played with 2 decks and in rare cases even with only one. The variations relate to the game even if the cards are dealt face up on the table or blankets in Europe are discovered and the Bank takes this one, you play cards on the table even in Las Vegas.

In France may be separate (split) the identical cards up to three times, except the axes which can be separated only once, then it can double the bet when the combination is equal to 9.10 or 11. Also in can not be doubling soft hands (an ace with a card that is not shown) and in Greece and in some Eastern countries can also double your hands soft.