75 Ball Online Bingo

Each player has a bingo card that contains the numbers to be dialed and that correspond to the numbers of the balls. In addition, the player must choose the appropriate bet that is specified in the carton, in what is called "Bingo Zone": a colored geometric space on the carton. The "Bingo zones" can be vertical, horizontal, rectangular and contain five, ten or fifteen boxes, as practiced Bingo variant.

After buying the bingo cards, the player must score a total of 30 balls. In the game, you use a device that mixes the balls, numbered 1 through 90. This procedure is similar to Lotus, in which the boxes are also marked a diverse panel of numbers. In the online version, the player has the ability to extract numbers manually or activate an automatic extraction of random numbers.

Then begins the draw: the numbers are removed sequentially and automatically mark the player's card. The player manages a Bingo when five of the numbers drawn form a line allow either vertical, horizontal or diagonal. To announce the numbers that are extracted using a voice to "off" that represents the referee or croupier. The trick is to gather the cards purchased with tape to form a single cardboard and thus be able to view and mark the numbers more quickly. Although it is clear if we have more chances to sing "Bingo" can play when there are fewer people playing, but also the prize will be smaller.

The game ends after 30 balls drawn. The player who has made the greatest number of lines is the winner. Prizes and gifts depend Bingo lines achieved. Sometimes, under Bingo tournaments, is the player who has scored the highest number of boxes which the prize. Indeed, the more lines get the player, the more money you earn. There are several versions of Bingo, which in can be played with up to 90 balls and allow specific combinations and very unusual game formats. Rules can also vary depending on the version of Bingo.

Bingo is available on the internet in the two forms. You can play bingo with money or you can play it without paying and without maki
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