21 Blackjack Game

The game of blackjack is present in any land-based casino at any online casino was established in France in the seventeenth century, the great fans of blackjack since the beginning was the legendary Napoleon Bonaparte. Blackjack originated in France under the name "vent et un" (twenty-one in Italian) and then later joined and played a lot in the United States took the name of the Blackjack.

The importance of the cards received becomes critical in blackjack game. You have to know the value of your cards in order to predict correctly if you're in a winning position or not. The value of the cards in the game of blackjack is: The ace can be worth either 1 or 11 cards to figure worth 10 while the remaining cards are worth their number value, the sum of the score is making a simple arithmetic admission cards.

The game takes place between the players against the dealer, the player must Avicenna the more you can at number twenty-one trying to pass the final score of the dealer without going over 21 in which case the player will be eliminated from the play and can stop the pull cards want at any time and with any score, while the bank is forced to pull until it has a score greater than or equal to 17 then exceed 21 if the dealer gets BUST and all best markeing remaining players win the hand.

The player or the dealer gets blackjack when you can do 21 with the first two cards of that is having an ace and a picture, if the dealer gets blackjack wins or draws against all only if a player has done equally blackjack instead if the player to make the blackjack and the dealer makes any other score the player instead of play card games winning once mail wins one and a half e, i.e. if a player bets and wins gets 100 euro in total between his bet and win € 200 while if it gets blackjack tip 100 euro and receives between the bet and win € 300.